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As Webonya SEO Agency, we offer special solutions for you to stand out from your competitors and reach the top. Take the first step for your success story by getting a free quote and increase your visibility in search engines!

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Search engine optimisation, i.e. SEO, means the studies carried out in order to increase the quality and reputation of the website and to obtain higher rankings and accordingly to increase the number of site visitors. As SEO Agency, we advance all these improvement works urgently and ensure that they are permanent.

SEO Ajansı

Site Health Audit

Your website should be free of technical errors in order to be interpreted in the best way by search engines. Preliminary information about the current status of your project is collected with the “Crawl” process. Errors need to be minimised and continuously monitored.

Industry and Competitor Analysis

Thanks to this analysis, it is determined based on data in which areas your competitors stand out, which backlinks they have and which keywords they target. Based on this data, a new performance-oriented SEO Strategy is created for your project.

On Page - Off Page SEO

The process proceeds with On-Page SEO and Off-Site SEO steps within the scope of the strategy determined in the previous step. On-Page SEO contributes to better crawling of the website by search engines based on the data in the previous steps, while Off-Site SEO contributes to reliability and authority.

Performance Marketing

Performance marketing is an effective marketing method in which advertising strategies in digital channels are carried out with the aim of achieving measurable results. In performance marketing, the effectiveness of marketing strategies is evaluated and performance is measured using metrics . With this approach, we give businesses the opportunity to determine their budgets, unlike traditional marketing.

Performans Pazarlama


Performance marketing evaluates advertising effectiveness with measurable KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) such as CPC (Cost Per Click) .

Provides Optimisation Opportunity

These data-driven measurements enable businesses to accurately identify & optimise their advertising strategies and manage their budgets more efficiently.

Boosts Conversions

Based on data-driven strategies, advertising campaigns are optimised so that businesses can reach the target audience more effectively and increase conversions.

Web Design

We prepare web pages that will keep the user experience at the highest level in web design. As we are a performance-oriented agency, we offer solutions that are fast, CTA, mobile-friendly, SEO-oriented and pay attention to the psychological effect of colours.

Web Tasarım

Responsive Mobile Compatible

The vast majority of website visitors are mobile device users. The websites we prepare are delivered 100% mobile compatible.

Call To Action (CTA)

In order to get efficiency from the website, UI / UX, that is, the User Experience stage should be given serious importance. We offer optimal solutions to mobilise the user.

SEO Compatible Infrastructure

In order for the website to be well understood by search engines, it must have a clean structure. We know all the criteria well and deliver them to your project.


What is SEO Agency?

SEO agency contributes to attracting more visitors by ensuring that the website ranks higher in search engines. It does this by using techniques and strategies that make your website more easily crawled and indexed by search engines. All this process causes positive changes in online reputation management.


It brings your brand to the position it deserves!

Webonya is a digital marketing agency that offers tailor-made solutions to maximise your presence in the digital world. With our expert team and comprehensive services, we are at your side with SEO, website design and development, social media management, Google ADS ads and more.

We carry out market research

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Why SEO is Important?

SEO helps the web page to rank higher in search engines. This makes it easier for potential customers and the target audience to find and access the web page.

In addition, SEO increases the authority of the website and raises its credibility, thus improving the brand’s online reputation. SEO, an important factor to succeed in a competitive digital market, reduces advertising costs with its contribution to organic search results. It helps to gain sustainable traffic and conversion.

Customer Journey

First Interaction

First interaction is provided through various channels. Preliminary information about the current situation and expectations is received by our customer. Customer expectations are determined and information is given about the solutions that can be offered. Our first criterion is to talk about real and achievable targets.

Preliminary Research and Analyses

Preliminary research and analysis is carried out based on data about the current situation of competitors, customer profile, keywords and market research.

Identification of Needs

All steps that may be useful throughout the project are determined to present to the customer. This stage is based on the results of preliminary research and analyses based on data.

Customer Meeting

Steps that may be useful throughout the process are presented to the customer within the scope of research outputs and needs.

Offer Process

Based on the scope and size of the project, an effort-indexed price offer is prepared and shared with the customer.


If the process and offer are agreed, bilateral contracts are signed with the customer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEO?

SEO is the whole of various studies carried out in order to make the website understandable by search engines and to ensure good ranking.

What is SEO Agency?

SEO agency is the name given to the business that includes experts who can carry out processes such as Site Health Audit, Internal-External SEO, Keyword Analysis, Link Building, which will be required throughout the work.

What Does SEO Agency Do?

SEO agencies increase organic traffic by using strategies such as keyword optimisation, content preparation process, technical improvements and backlink management in order to ensure that their customers’ websites rank better in search engines. They analyse the competitive environment of customers, regularly monitor and report their performance. All these processes are based on data collected from various tools.

What is Corporate SEO Agency?

Corporate SEO agency is defined as a professional company that can develop and implement comprehensive SEO strategies suitable for the specific needs of large-scale companies. Webonya SEO Agency is in this category.

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